From sending your blog to an email list to auto schedulers, these programs can make writing tasks tons easier

Writing is EXACTLY the same as any other profession in that a few great tools can make a world of difference in the results you get. I’m compiling a list of some of my favorites to get you started.

1. Grammarly

OK, you probably saw this one coming right out…

You’ve probably been wearing too many hats, so ditch some

Image by Couleur from Pixabay

Most leaders today have one singular title they use at their company, such as senior administrator, chief executive officer, or social media strategist. That title encompasses their primary role.

Or at least, it’s supposed to.

Look at most professional bios today (or listen to any professional introduction on a podcast…

How to pick lots of work that can bring you success and joy

Image by Denise McQuillen from Pixabay

With a Type A personality, I have to admit that there’s something beautiful in being laser-focused on just one thing for a while. You can get into a state of flow that enables you to produce a draft more quickly.

But I’m also a realist. I’ve learned that, in most…

5 ways to motivate others to get going and achieve incredible productivity

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Productivity by definition requires getting things done. But let’s face it. Not everybody wants to do everything right away. There will be a fair degree of procrastination.

If you’re a pre-crastinator like me, then this lack of go-do-now makes you want to eat an entire bag of marshmallows after screaming…

Why looking backward for confidence isn’t always a failsafe

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I’m a firm believer that most people achieve a heck of a lot more than they realize. …

After all, toddlers don’t automatically know how to pull up their pants

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A while back, I made some suggestions to a friend on how they could take care of some things on their own. The intent? Just give my friend — my dear, very insecure friend — some options. Encourage some independence.

But oh, ho, ho. It did not go over well…

What my daughter’s love of art showed me about God, growth, and letting go

Image by Here and now, unfortunately, ends my journey on Pixabay from Pixabay

A few weeks ago, I started a podcast for Christian professionals called Faithful on the Clock meant to help people get their work and faith aligned. As part of this new endeavor, I’m playing my own marketer (at least for now), which means creating posts for social media. I’ve been…

5 ways to make sure people know who you are and read your stuff

Image by MorningbirdPhoto from Pixabay

Hey, writers. Listen up. Publishers aren’t going to market for you much. In a cruel Catch-22, now they’ll even reject you for not having enough followers or fans.

So the deal is, you have to build a platform for yourself. This is just whatever channels you use to interact with…

Image by Jae Rue from Pixabay

Bill Bullard once quipped that “Opinion is really the lowest form of human knowledge. It requires no accountability, no understanding.”

The other day, while I was on social media, I had that same philosophy thrown in my face.

My reaction? Blink rapidly. Stare. Repeat.

I’ll make it clear that I…

How to prove you’re more than just a hyped-up self-help predator

Image by DESIGNBYTHOLEN from Pixabay

As a writer — and especially as a business writer — I believe really strongly in finding people to learn from. None of us should be mushrooms in the dark on the wrong side of the log. …

Wanda Thibodeaux

Writer/Owner, Interests: Business, motivational psychology, self-development, mental health. Podcast Host, Faithful on the Clock.

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