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HiiT is by far one of my favorite types of workouts. It’s amazing for burning tons of calories in a short amount of time. It also ups your metabolic rate for up to a whole day after your workout, improves your ability to recover quickly, and stimulates the release of certain chemicals, like human growth hormone, that can make it easier to build muscle and strength.

Because of all of these benefits, and because so many of us need workouts we can squeeze into teeny windows of time, HiiT isn’t just my favorite — it’s popular just about everywhere now…

A 3-Step Strategy for Achieving Without Burning Out

Most successful people are go-getters. They have one key trait — ambition — that motivates them to keep working even when their circumstances are tough.

But there’s a difference between good ambition and bad ambition.

Good ambition

Good ambition sets a high bar, but it is directed to just a handful of priorities. It is focused and simple, and it draws clear boundaries. It is sequential or linear, meaning that you don’t set new goals until you’ve reached your original ones. This doesn’t mean that you can’t reprioritize as circumstances change or you grow, or that you can’t be working on multiple…

A simple guide to earning money with words that feel natural

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If you’ve looked at any job posting sites lately, then you’ll quickly realize that writers have all kinds of work they can do.

There’s academic writing, copywriting, content writing, fiction, non-fiction, blogs, and news reports, for example.

With this variety, lots of writers who are just starting out assume that it doesn’t matter what kind of projects they’ve got going, so long as they’ve got paychecks for those projects that pay the bills. They take anything and everything…

…and end up miserable.

As with any other job, personality has a huge influence on how happy you’ll be doing certain types…

Why helping someone to participate and give back makes all the difference

loving forgotten people
loving forgotten people
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About a week ago, I was relaxing in the evening with YouTube entertaining me on my smartphone when my entire family and I heard an obnoxiously loud banging down the hall from our condo.

Was someone fixing something? Putting something together? Was there a maintenance emergency? Because it was unusual for that degree of noise to happen so late, my husband and son went out to investigate.

As it turns out, the noise was about as far from fixing or assembling something as you can get. It was an emergency medical team doing a well-check on my elderly neighbor. …

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Maybe you’ve felt it. That nagging sense that you need some hacks to get to the top tier at home or work, or that don’t have any direction or real accountability, no clarity about your path or capabilities. Maybe, as your anxiety and goals have gotten bigger, you’ve wondered if maybe it wouldn’t make sense to call in a member of the cavalry — a life coach.

Life coaching is a growing, massive market, with value expected to hit $1.34 billion by 2022. Entrepreneurs and business leaders, who are particularly keen to seek out good mentoring, are turning to this…

In a lot of ways, COVID-19 has been a bowling ball, knocking down company after company. The restaurant industry, for example, was hit particularly hard, losing more than 110,000 facilities in 2020. The flip side is that the virus also has created one of the most fertile environments for innovation you can hope to expect. Demands from customers look vastly different than they did before the pandemic, especially in regard to e-commerce. Just about every sector is rethinking, reorienting and redefining.

Smart entrepreneurs are taking a look at this reality and seeing hosts of opportunities where others might only see…

A Simple Explainer on Why Mistakes Shouldn’t Steal Your Joy

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When you’re trying to find more happiness and grow, something has to change. Old habits have to fall into the trash while you pull new ones into your day.

But be honest with me here. When you start thinking about what to do differently, do you mentally jump quickly from where you’re at to where you want to be?

Most of us do. And it’s admittedly important to have a clearly identified target to aim for, so that we have something to look forward to and that motivates us to work.

But as experts remind us over and over again…

7 steps to get you creating and selling drafts like a pro

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Anyone who’s ever listened to advice from seasoned writers has heard those writers say one thing — treat your writing like a business. But lots of writers don’t have leadership experience, let alone experience operating a company completely on their own. So what’s really involved? How do you meet this objective well and show that you’re serious in a way that earns you real money and respect in the craft?

Define your mission statement

Why are you writing in the first place? What’s the point, the thing you want to change, the influence you want to offer? It can be social, personal or both…

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Whenever I interact with seasoned Christians and pastors or listen to sermons, I’m always a little floored by how well they understand the scriptures from a historical context. They’re able to connect verses to a bigger world picture for the previous time and squeeze out the extra meaning from specific original languages.

As a writer who has to pay attention to language for a living, I don’t undervalue any of this work. I absolutely believe that you can learn more about who God is from the page. …

A 4-step Guide to Avoiding Depression When You Leave Your Company

Recently, I had the opportunity to connect with a serial entrepreneur who has started multiple technology companies. In many ways, he’s living the business leader dream — he’s repeatedly been able to take an idea from start to finish and then move on to another concept based on related or new interests. He’s financially secure and has a respect-based network in his industry to die for. This is, by all accounts, how it’s supposed to work.

But after the sale of his last business, he was far from happy. It wasn’t that he had gotten a bad deal and regretted…

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